"Inspiring minds, instilling faith and illuminating the future of young people
committed to a life of faith, justice, wisdom, and compassion in the Catholic tradition."
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Title: Student Requirements

Education at St. Francis Xavier

The curriculum is designed to prepare graduates for further study. Core elements of the curriculum include the courses required by the State of South Carolina for admission to public colleges or universities. St. Francis Xavier High School is accredited by the SACS (Southern Association of colleges and Schools).

Students seeking admission to St. Francis Xavier High School should have passed all courses in their previous school year. Since the college-preparatory course work is rigorous, parents need to be aware of the demands that will be placed on their student. Interested students and their parents should bring copies of transcripts and/or current report cards to the interview.

Current Students

Students are required to complete:
  • 4 Units Religion
  • 4 Units English
  • 4 Units Mathematics
  • 3 units Science
  • 1 Unit Computer Science
  • 2 Units Foreign Language
  • 1 Unit Government and Economics
  • 1 Unit US History
  • 1 Unit Other Social Studies
  • 1 Unit Physical Education
  • 1 Unit Fine Arts
  • 3 Units Elective
Electives include:
  • Ancient Civilizations
  • Creative Writing
  • Journalism
  • Music Appreciation
  • Physics
  • Pre-Calculus
  • Spanish IV
  • Statistics
Grading Scale is as follows:
  • A:  93-100
  • B:  85-92
  • C:  77-84
  • D:  70-76
  • F:  Below 70