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Page Title: College Counciling
The future is in your hands!



Every year our seniors face the daunting task of preparing for college while keeping up with their high school courses.  Here, I have included a list of tasks, and websites the seniors need to prepare scholarship and college applications.  In addition, I have also included a check-off list for juniors since they too need to begin preparing for their future.

SCHOOL CODE:  411-935

  1. Take the SAT and /or the ACT. For the SAT:  www.collegeboard.com.  In order to register online, the fees must be paid with a  credit card.  The SAT writing portion of the test is mandatory.  Students can also sign up for SAT question of the day and take practice tests. For the ACT: www.actstudent.org

  2. Apply to at least three colleges. Most can be done online. Be sure to let Mrs. Lavergne know when you have completed an application.  She will need to send transcripts and Guidance counselor recommendations.

  3. Be aware of deadlines.  With the increase in students applying for college entrance, schools will NOT accept applications even one day beyond the deadline!

  4. Set up an appointment to meet with Mrs. Lavergne to discuss college plans and review transcript.

  5. Seniors are allowed to take college visits.  Please come by the office first to fill out the required form and get approval.

  6. Register on www.fastweb.com, if you have not yet done so.  This is a FREE search  engine for scholarships. 

  7. FILL OUT and send in scholarship applications…don’t let them sit on your desk or in your locker.

  8. After January 1st, go online to www.fafsa.ed.gov and fill out your FAFSA application. You will need your parents income tax information.  They do not have to have submitted their tax forms in order to complete the FAFSA.  This form is required    by colleges for many forms of financial aid. 

  9. Each college you apply to will send you their financial aid package.  No two packages will be the same.  Included in the each package will be the estimated amount that the college assumes the parents will be able to cover, any scholarship or grant offers    directly from that college, and information on loans available.

  10. Once you have received acceptance letters from colleges, please let Mrs. Lavergne know. [return]
  1. Register to take the SAT or ACT in May of this year.  For the SAT, go to www.collegeboard.com .  For the ACT, go to www.actstudent.org.  Be sure to sign up for the question and answer service.  There is an extra fee for this, but it is worth it.  They can review their test over the summer and work on their weak areas.

  2. Register at www.fastweb.com, if they have not done so yet.  This is a free scholarship search engine.

  3. Begin looking into colleges and narrowing their choices.  Juniors can also take college visits.  They too must fill out a request form in the office.

  4. Work on their resumes.  They should include all activities, sports, service projects, etc. that they have participated in.[return]