"Inspiring minds, instilling faith and illuminating the future of young people
committed to a life of faith, justice, wisdom, and compassion in the Catholic tradition."
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Page title: Our Mission Statement

SFXHS Mission Statement:

St. Francis Xavier High School is a college preparatory high school, grades 9 through

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12. This school's primary purpose is to prepare graduates as Catholic and other Christian leaders. St. Francis Xavier High School is a school that is Catholic in tradition and loyal to the  Roman Catholic Church. As a Christian community, St. Francis Xavier High School does not discriminate and welcomes, appreciates, and respects the different racial, national, ethnic, and religious traditions.

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St. Francis Xavier High School nurtures the spiritual, physical, intellectual, creative and emotional development of each student, and the school inculcates a system of values within the traditional Judeo-Christian heritage. This is accomplished by stimulating student curiosity and critical thinking through rigorous academic work, religious education, faith formation, studying scripture, and encouraging active participation in co-curricular activities, athletics, and Christian service.

In keeping with the mission of St. Francis Xavier High School, the curriculum is designed to prepare graduates for further study at a college or university. To this end, the core elements of the curriculum include all of the courses required by the State of South Carolina for admission to public colleges or universities and as determined by our school board.